MBC Unification

State Representative Rusty Kidd:

For the past three years, a citizen group has been working on a proposed new charter to combine the City of Milledgeville and Baldwin County. After it was reviewed by the Carl Vinson Institute, it was too late to be introduced in the 2014 legislation.

Several people voiced concern that this new charter proposal, to be voted on by all the people of Baldwin County, had not been presented well enough to some of our citizens.

In light of this, I appointed a special non-partisan citizen group, chaired by attorney Jim Peugh, to study this issue and to rewrite the proposed charter, taking into ideas put forth by several meetings the public was invited to. Meetings with Sheriff Massee, Mayor Bentley, County Commission Chair Sammie Hall and numerous meetings with City Council member Steve Chambers.

Mayor Bentley also appointed a committee chaired by Steve Chambers in which the Peugh committee attended their meeting when invited.

I want, at this time, to thank everyone involved in this new DRAFT, which is available at the online addresses listed below.

The Peugh Committee: Jim Peugh, The Rev. Tony Frazier, businessman Jeff Owens, banker Jimmy Ivey, GCSU professor Costas Spirou, past commissioner Linda Fussell, businessman Travis Strickland and Johnnye Ann Lee.

I would also like to thank the Mayor/Chambers committee for their input. Businessman Steve Chambers, City Council member Denese Shinholster, City Manager Barry Jarrett, City Attorney Jimmy Jordan, County Commissioner Johnny Westmorland, County Commissioner Tommy French, businessman Raymond Grimes, Stan Aldridge, the Rev. David Luke, attorney David McCree, attorney Cedric Davis, GMC professor Edward Shelor and Nancy Hartley.

Lastly, the local business people who have worked on this issue for the past three years are: business executive Keith Barlow, the Rev. David Luke, Stan Aldridge, Gen. Peter Boylan, Commissioner Henry Craig, Nancy Hartley, Lisa Shinholster, Kandice Brooks-Haynes, Tony Hurt – Georgia Power, Randy New, the Rev. Omer Reid, Ken Vance, Merritt Massey and Commissioner Johnny Westmoreland.

The Public is invited to review and make any comments for possible change to Puegh or myself before it is introduced to the 2015 Georgia General Assembly. If passed by the legislature then it would be on a local ballot to be voted on by all registered voters in the city and the county.

If passed by the people, Baldwin County would be like other Georgia cities. Athens–Clark County, Columbus–Muscogee County, Macon–Bibb County and several other cities and counties in Georgia and our surrounding states.

Again, thanks to all involved in the process. Read it – make a decision – and vote at the proper time.

For more information email Johnnye Ann Lee at unifymilledgeville@gmail.com or call Rusy Kidd’s office at 478-452-1354.

Unification Charter

* The bill has passed the House and the Senate. It is currently waiting on the Governor’s signature.