Drugs Don’t Work

Drugs-Dont-WorkLearn How You Could Save Your Company Thousands Of  Dollars

•  Identify potential discipline issues before they become a problem.
•  Stop costly absenteeism and tardiness.
•  Cut your workers’ compensation claims in half.
•  Minimize employee turnover.
•  Reduce theft, violence and other forms of crime in the workplace.
•  Increase workforce morale.
•  Improve productivity. 
•  Decrease claims due to negligent documentation policies.


Our DRUGS DON’T WORK program makes drug-free certification simple! Don’t Delay… Reduce the impact on your bottom line by implementing a Drug-Free Workplace today!

The Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber’s Drugs Don’t Work Program provides:

  • Assistance in developing a drug-free workplace program.
  • Resources for drug-testing services and employee assistance providers.
  • Logo and Newsletter

To obtain drug free workplace certification and qualify for the 7.5 % discount on your workers’ compensation premiums, you must complete the following 5 steps:

  1. Your company must have a substance abuse policy.
  2. Your company must conduct drug testing.
  3. Your company must conduct two hours of employee education each year. (may be obtained via Chamber-provided newsletters)
  4. Your company must conduct two hours of supervisor training each year. (may be obtained via Chamber-provided newsletters)
  5. Your company must either have an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) or a referral list of treatment and counseling centers in your area.

Certification is Quite Affordable and Yields Big Dividends

Certification is a simple 5 step process. The total cost to your company will be about 10% of your workers’ comp discount, (i.e. If your 7.5% savings equals $5,000, total cost to implement the program will be less than $500).

Do you know any business owner who would not invest $500 to save $5,000 annually?

Georgia Drug Free State Certification: click here

The nationally recognized workplace program helps businesses maintain healthy and productive workforces and receive a 7.5% discount on Workers Compensation Insurance. Drugs Don’t Work also reduces rates for drug screening and Employee Assistance Programs to make establishing your drug-free workplace easy and cost-effective. Drugs Don’t Work is a partnership program of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Georgia Department of Human Resources and the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce.

The Drugs Don’t Work program is designed to empower business owners with the tools needed to ensure a drug-free workplace as well as a safe and productive work environment for current and future employees.

FAQ ButtonAccording to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, 74 percent of the 12 million drug users in America are employed, and as many as 23 percent of them use illegal drugs on the job. Alcohol and drug users cost taxpayers more than $140 billion annually, including healthcare costs, lost productivity, and Workers Compensation claims. Forty seven percent of all workplace accidents are alcohol and drug related. Abusers are absent an average of three weeks per year.