Leadership Baldwin Application Form

Congratulations on being nominated for Leadership Baldwin 2017-18 Class! The primary purpose of this application is to help the selection committee get to know you. Please complete the application in its entirety. We hope you are excited about this opportunity and will submit your completed application.

Please submit your completed application no later than June 30, 2017. If you have any questions, please call me at 478-453-9311 or email me at klassiter@milledgevillega.com.

2017-18 Class Membership Criteria

The selection process is objective and class size is limited. Nominees who best meet the criteria will be selected. The selection committee will consider criteria as listed below:

Nomination and Recommendation

The nominator is part of the criteria for selection and his or her opinion of and relationship to the candidate, personal observation of the candidate and length of time knowing the candidate are important factors.

Leadership Potential

Candidates must show current success and/or future potential for success in leadership positions. Nominators should consider the following leadership traits in evaluating candidates for nomination:

Accountable, Charismatic, Communicator, Confident, Consensus Builder, Courageous, Decision Maker, Delegator, Director, Disciplined, Fair, Honest, Inclusive, Industrious, Integrity, Intelligent, Listener, Motivator, Open Minded, Persistent, Personable, Poised, Presence, Problem Solver, Responsive, Transformer, Visionary.

Leadership Interest

Candidates must express interest in making the commitment to the responsibility and time obligations of leadership.

History of Community Involvement

Candidates will be evaluated on past volunteer activity.

Commitment During Class Year

Candidates must agree to attend all sessions during their class year. If a participant misses more than two class days, then him or her will not be allowed to graduate from the program. For an excused absence to be approved, the participant must notify the Leadership Baldwin Alumni Board Chair at least one week prior to the class. Participants with excused absences may be required to make up work and/or class time.

Employer and Family Support

Candidates must have a signed statement of support for their participation in the class from their employer and from their spouse, parent or significant other, as appropriate. This signed statement confirms support of the candidate in the program and the supporter’s understanding of the commitments.


The candidate must pay tuition of $350 for the class. Tuition will be billed in July 2017 and payable in August 2017. Non-payment by September 2017 will cause participants to be dropped from the class.

2017-18 Class Membership Application Guidelines

Applicant Contact Information

This information will be entered in our database and should be complete and correct. It is what we will use to contact you in regards to Leadership Baldwin. If any of the requested information does not apply to you, please feel free to omit it.

Personal Vitae. and Civic and Business Resumes

The autobiographical section is to help the selection committee get to know you and to ensure that individuals from diverse backgrounds are represented in the class.

The civic resume will help the selection committee get a feel for your civic involvement and commitment. The references will be checked.

The business resume will help the selection committee understand where you are, where you have been and where are you going in your professional life. You may attach additional sheets.

Personal Statements

These statements should convince the selection committee that you will be an asset to the class and will participate in community leadership in the future. There is no particular answer the committee is looking for and there are no right or wrong answers. While you will not be penalized for attaching additional sheets, it is suggested that you work in the space provided. Brevity is the soul of wit, and the questions asked can be answered in this space.


There is space for two general endorsements. These may be completed by anyone you deem appropriate. You may attach supporting letters. The remaining endorsements are quite specific. It takes commitment and support to complete the Leadership Baldwin program. Class members will need the support of their families and employers. Seeking these endorsements on the front-end is intended to avoid problems and scheduling issues later in the year. Finally, the applicant’s endorsement is the most important of all. To be a member of the class, you must agree to make every effort to attend all classes (two excused absences are allowed, but must notify the Leadership Baldwin Alumni Board Chair), pay your tuition before the first session, and remain active and engaged in the community following completion of the program.

Please download and fill out the Endorsements portion of the application and then reattach at the bottom of the form.

Endorsements Form

  • Applicant Contact Information

    * Applicants accepted into the program will be billed in August 2017 and payment is due no later than September 30, 2017.
  • Confidential

  • Business Resume

    Please list most recent first
  • I would like to hold leadership position in the following organization(s):

  • Personal Statements