SPLOST is a a special-purpose local-option sales tax. SPLOST acts as a financing method for funding capital outlay projects. It is an optional 1% sales tax levied by any county for the purpose of funding the building of parks, roads and other public facilities. SPLOST investments in the Milledgeville-Baldwin County community have been continuous since 1990 and a total $125,000,000 has been invested to date. The Chamber endorses the continuation of SPLOST for the investment in capital projects, infrastructure, and quality of life projects in the community.

Completed SPLOST Projects

Courthouse Parking Deck


Senior Citizens Center





Public Safety



Public Works



Landfill Closure



Proposed Projects for SPLOST Continuation 

“Level-One Projects”

(1) County courthouse renovations, improvements, and additions, including security replacements and upgrades

(2) Acquisition, construction, and installation of new County administrative building as an annex to County courthouse

(3) County jail renovations and improvements, including security replacements and upgrades

(4) Renovations and improvements to County health department buildings, including energy efficient replacements and upgrades

“Level-Two Projects”

(1) Park, recreational, and cultural facilities and equipment, including new aquatics facility

(2) Economic development projects, including airport improvements,

(3) County-wide communications system (Oconee Area-wide Radio System) upgrades

(4) Animal control facilities, including new animal control office and shelter and related vehicle and equipment replacement

(5) Senior citizens center upgrades and renovations